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Amanda...oye oye! LOL I'm sitting here shaking my head..not at you but the breeders who don't have a rat's pazinga's idea of what is going on....

I feed Flint River Ranch. It's a premium food and not cheap, but it's a kibble made of human grade costs me about 45 dollars for a full 40 lbs and it's delivered to my front door, shipping included. If you are interested in finding out about it let me fact let me give you the url...and y'all can read for yourself...and maybe even be a distributor....

I am down to one dog now ...My husband and I are now retired and in our very early 60's..but we are really in our 30's...LOL...

Dogs are to be highly socialized, that is out and about learning and seeing new things...just like you would bring a child to the park etc. They need that to be social, as well as being subject to a goodly amount of in house traffic.

This is not advisable with a dog that is not mentally balanced!
And no matter the temperament, never leave the dog alone with an infant......or visiting children. Curb your liability...and that is for all breeds.....all dogs can bite!....

One point about training.. let me put it this way...I wish I still had this article...but I shall paraphrase it......Everyone has a number
If there are 6 people in your family...the dog's number is 7....If there are 55 people in the house, the dog's number is 56. That is, the dog is subordinate to all humans in the house.

Once you have Angel trained, it would be a good idea for your husband to also work the dog in obedience. Angel may love him, but for obedience, the dog has to respect him. And...that means he has to work Angel so she too understands that he is alpha to her, as are all the children..... This is true of any dog of any breed.

If you are unsure or hear of something that concerns you please let me know.....I promise that if I don't know the answer, I will find the answer for you. I have many trainers in my circle .....and hopefully your trainer does positive AND negative reinforcement.
To never experience a consequence for bad behavior or not following a learned command, is leaving yourself open for trouble.

I'm glad you have a good pup and Angel is fortunate to have y'all too. Have fun learning obedience, the trick to it is consistency!..*g*

If you want more info on Schutzhund or KNPV or any of the dog sports.....or WORKING titles, let me know... *s* The more informed y'all are the better you are qualified to make choices, yes? *s*

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