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Go Mothers!!!

That was great Irene!
I have a little story. My husband was at work one day talking to a friend of his (who also has a SAHW/M) about how they wouldn't have our jobs(yes, our husbands used the word jobs), when a single guy with no children who had overheard the conversation butted in and said, "Oh, I would love to stay at home while my wife went to work. So I could sleep in late, then lay around eating and watching TV all day." Our husbands told him he didn't have a clue what he was talking about and mine said l'll call my wife and you ask her these questions (my husband made a list). I get a phone call: 1. What time did you get up this morning? 3am when my youngest woke up with teething pain. 2. What cleaning have you done today? I've done four loads of laundry, dusted, vaccumed, cleaned the bathroom, changed the litter(the cat pooped on the floor because I forgot to do it last night, steamed clean the carpet (the dog got sick), given the kids a bath (a diaper leaked and where one goes the other follows) 3. Have you had a shower today? no, I'm aiming for tonight. 4. What have you cooked today? pancakes(kids breakfast),peanut butter and jelly(kids lunch), working on lasagna for dinner. 5. Have you eaten today? snagged a pancake before I cleaned up cat poop. 6. What have you watched on TV? nothing, but my daughter said Roly Poly(kids show) was good. 7. What else have you done today? Isn't that enough. I took care of one bloody lip (the youngest was learning to walk, opps) Pushed the kids on the swings, baked cookies, and went to the bathrrom around 9am(It was 5pm when he called).
When my hubby got home he filled me in on what that was all about and that the guy changed his tune after he talked to me. I rolled laughing because this was a good day for me. Now the guy asks how I'm doing and when I finally met him treated me with the respect I deserve, but the absolute best part was finding out how much my hubby thought of me and what I do and that he wouldn't do what I do because it's to much work. GO MOTHERS of the world!!!
I guess its a long story, sorry
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