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I lived in an older mobile home with lots of paneling. It was horribly ugly stuff, but we did several things...

1. Wall paper liner. This goes up horizontally, which is really weird if you've hung paper before. But once it's try, it's perfect for hanging any paper you want.

2. Textured wall paper. They sell this at the big home centers. It's not cheap, but will totally change the look of the room. You can leave it white or paint it. It's rather thick and can be used to cover paneling, cinderblock or brick. It comes in a whole bunch of different textures. (This is what I used in the main part of the house and the bathroom.)

3. Grass cloth wall paper. This is expensive, but covers well.

4. Spackle & texture. Lots of work, but probably the cheapest solution. Big bucket of spackle, do a quick fill and sand of the grooves. Then rent (or borrow) a spackle "gun". Shoots up on the walls kinda like a machine gun, your hubby would probably LOVE helping with this--mine did. Lots of texture options here and it will hide the grooves. Then you're all ready for paint.

Oh, and try to get your hubby to help pick out paint--then he won't have room to complain if he doesn't like it. And sheesh, its only paint--it can always be painted over.
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