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Hi everyone,
I can identify with migraines, I've had them all of my life since I was a small child. Back in those days they were called sick headaches. Anyway over the years I've had just about every test and scan on my head and the only thing that comes as a diagnosis is Migraine Headaches. I've tried most of the drugs for them EXCEPT the last new one and the best that works for me is the Imitrex pills. I did the injections for awhile but got tired of giving myself the shot. I first was on a low dose and it didn't work very well so I went on to a higher dosage and it works good for me. The nasal form did not work at all.
Noone knows how painful they are unless they've had them too. I've heard people say "oh, she has a headache" like it is such a minor thing. I wouldn't wish even just one on a enemy.
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