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Schutzhund trained dogs are the best dogs in the world bar none...what is it that concerned you about the training the parents recieved....? a now a sport that demands that the dog is sound ...not gunshy ( not fearing thunder and lightening)....the dog must do reliable obedience, do a forced retrieve and track as well as protection.

If the protection (bite work) is the thing that frightens you..don't let it. Every dog trained or not will bite.......the training actually controls the that it's taught to bite only on command.
It lets you control weather the dog will bite...and if he is about to bite can call him off the bite.....that is the most important part of the 'bite' training. It's called 'the OUT " command.
They must out.....they must be able to be called off a bite ....

Only the soundest dogs manage a schutzhund title..... Please
do not let those who are uninformed influence you. If there is anything where I can put your mind at ease ...please let me know.

By the way, the black shepherd I posted earlier, had a Canine Good Citizen certificate, a CD and also a Schutzhund 3....

So dogs trained in these disciplines are HIGHLY trained and obedient....
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