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At home till cabin fever sets in!

I tend to stay home most of the time, because my children are three and under and haven't started school or extracurricular activities, but my neighbor who is also a stay at home mom, should be called a never at home mom. Her children are older so she would have to leave more than me for their school and extracurricular activities, but I get on to her (when I see her every three months or so) because she is so nice she never tells anyone no. She is always on the go for other people and when I finally see her she is run ragged. She called me two weeks ago and told me she finally turned someone down. I was so proud, but her car is still going in and out that driveway 20 times a day. Oh well, what can I do but be here to listen when she gets fed up again. I figure she will be by anyday now for coffee and a friend to talk to rather than one asking for a favor.
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