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Awww he's very pretty!

Thanks for all of the info. Most of it I knew, but some I didn't (yet). Angel and I are currently in training. She's graduated from Basic One, Basic Two doesn't start till the end of August, so her and I and one other dog are taking semi private lessons right now. Eventually, I want to compete in obedience trials.

Angel comes from a really nice bloodline. Her father is here

Her mother is "K and H's Heidi Vom Iris". They don't have a website so I don't have a pic.

The only thing that I was concerned about in the very beginning was that both of the parents are trained and bred for Shutzund (sp?), and after I bought her I decided to go the obedience route instead because of her interaction with the family, etc. I have no more worries, even her trainer and the kennel she stayed in over the 4th of July have both commented about how they've seen many shepherds, and these she's one of the sweetest and has an awesome temperament (we definitely love her and it shows).

Anyhow, I got off track. The reason I said all this was because we are very torn over whether we would like to breed her one time. Not for "oh look at the cute puppies" reasons or for the money. But simply because we would love to have one or two from her ourselves and because she is such a nice dog, I think she would throw some wonderful pups.

Anyway, like I said, we are torn, still haven't decided whether to just go ahead and spay her or go through the next 15 months of periods before she can be bred. LOL So far, her blood loss has been very light, but I'm sure that's because it's her first one. And surprisingly we haven't had any unwanted canine visitors hanging around

Here's a picture of her This was taken on May 4th, she was 6.5 months old. She's now 9 months.
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