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A couple of things I did at a recent backyard party that were very successful were to convert my swing set into a "bar". Although I had Tiki theme, I think It would carry over nicely.

We removed the swings, and trapeeze, and slid a long table under the swing set. We hung icicle type white christmas lights around the top and side of the swing set, and ran a power cord to light them up. Then we dressed the table in a grass skirt, but you could use netting, for a nautical theme... we hung paper flowers fromt he swing set, you could hang fish from fishing line...

Anyway, you get the jist...

We also placed cintronella torches around the perimeter of the yard. They are pretty and the cintronella oil kept the mosquitoes away.

I got most of my appetizer recipies from the website. they have a wide selection of everyting you could imagine. I was able to find many appetizers to fit my theme.

Try using shells as serving dishes, and things like sailor caps turned upside down to hold pretzles or dip go with the nautical theme...

Have fun, a fish-fry sounds good! Can I come???
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