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Dear Friends,

I know firsthand how bad migraines are. I didn't always know it, and suspected some of malingering, but since developing them myself in the last few years (hormone-related:mad: ), I regret my lack of sympathy.

I have a prescription for Imitrex which I have never taken due to fear of it- certainly unfounded. When I feel a migraine approaching I take two Excedrin Migraine, an OTC medication that has been helpful to many migraine sufferers of my acquaintance. Again, this is effective- maybe- if you take it when you first feel the headache coming on. Of course many people have headaches that are much beyond the reach of any OTC medication, but please try it if you haven't. No one I have talked to expected it to work at all, but many have had good results.

My next suggestion may be of help to certain people, especially those who do not eat meat, which I do not. I had read some offhand remarks about people taking a B vitamin supplement, specifically B12, and finding their migraines improved. I am not a vitamin/holistic/ homeopathic girl at all, but I figured what the hey-I probably do have a deficiency since I am a vegetarian. What could I lose? So I started taking a B complex ( with 50 mcg B12 )and a B12 (1000 mcg) in addition to my multivitamin. This was about 5 months ago and I have not had a migraine since. I am completely amazed, as I did not expect any effect at all. I reported my experience to the WebMD migraine message board
(a good site to check out- very informative) and the doctor who is the monitor of the board replied that there is evidence that B12 supplements can prevent migraines in some people. I still can't believe it, but I never miss my daily B12. My 17 year old daughter also has migraines and has only had slight beginnings of headaches since taking B12 daily (she is also a veggie).

I hope this helps anyone who is in need. Again, it may be a partial preventative or it may not work for you, but it cannot hurt to try. Good Luck.

susanna >^..^<
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