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I will give my 2 even though I do not have kids in college yet. My daughter is only 6 months old but I did come from a strict family like your boyfriends family sounds. The truth is unless he plans to support himself financially then he needs to do whatever his parents want him to do. Yes he is an adult but no they do not have to pay for his college. I know because I started ruflign feathers saying, "I am an adult, yada yada yada" when I was in college and my parents said "fine then you pay for it" TRUST ME... he will be much better off living with a few rules while in college and being able to financially FINISH college than wanting freedom so bad he gives it all up.

Yes people do need to socialize but the hard truth is no one ever died from not getting to party in college.

His family may not have the money to pay for him to live off campus especially since you said they sent 2- or 3 others to school?? That is a huge financial bind. You don't know their situation so you can't really say if they could afford it or not. Tehy may still be paying for the other kids schooling???

I know it is hard when you are in your early 20's and want so hard to be an adult but if he is still dependent on his parents then he must follow their rules.

Sorry for the honesty.

Until we "meat" again, break an "egg"

TX Chef Fran
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