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I am so MAD at myself! I cannot believe what I did.

I live in a small town. I am kind of in between two larger towns where the decent grocery stores are. One town (Kenosha) is 30 minutes away, the other town (Lake Geneva) is 15 minutes away.

Anyway, I get the sunday paper from the Kenosha News. In there is the sale paper for Pick N Save, the grocery store I shop at. So I planned out my shopping trip but had lots of distractions as I had to take my two little ones with me, daddy had the older two

Anyway, I went through the whole store picking out things that were on sale in the paper, wondering why they weren't marked on the shelves. I also bought things that WERE marked and wondered why they weren't in the paper. I checked the paper to make sure I hadn't missed the date, but the sale was through today, so I kept going.

Well turns out, the checker pointed out to me that I was going off of the sale paper from Kenosha, not Lake Geneva!!

WHAT A MESS! I cannot believe I did that. :-( I still did ok, but there were things that I wouldn't have bought unless they were on sale. But there were so many people there, tons behind me, and my kids were being totally obnoxious, so I only ended up pulling out a few things. UGH!!!

I ended up spending $163 and walked out with 13 plastic bags full, plus a large container of cat litter and a 12 pack of Coke. I felt so deflated standing in line. Defeated LOL

I tell ya, I won't make that mistake again!!!!
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