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I try to set up as many seats around the yards as possible with things to set drinks and plates on. I utilize every folding chair and TV tray, etc. I can find. I don't put them all together, but scatter them slightly. I also like to serve canned drinks in coolers on the patio. And I have a large trash can with a lid near by for convenience. I have lights strung around the edge of my patio cover for early evening and have tealights hidden around my plants to light for a nice evening atmosphere. We usually set up the food buffet style on my breakfast bar right inside the patio door (easier than trying to serve outside and fight the flies!) If we serve drinks in disposable cups, we have a permanent marker to put names on cups which eliminates the confusion of everyone sitting their cup down and forgetting which one is theirs. Great for kids, too. We plug in a boom box and have some music already ready to pop in...a variety...since there are a variety of tastes. I put ice for drinks in a small cooler that is sitting in my kitchen sink with cups and mixes right beside it. Try not to do everything yourself. Assign jobs to others, even guests. My guests would rather help than watch me do everything! Do as much ahead of time so that you have time to have fun! Have a camera! Or better yet, have a person assigned to be party photographer to walk around to take photos for you. Have something for the kids to do. I usually find every ball my kids have and throw them around the yard...and I have videos ready for them, too. Bubbles are fun for them, too. Or the frozen icey pops.
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