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Lightbulb fabric sorteners

hello to everyone!!!!

my personal experience with fabric softeners is :

downy works very well for softness and lond lasting smell-liquid and fabric softener sheets-regular scent only-some of the other scents-especially that tropical bloom one-is soooo overpowering that it gives me a headache.:mad:

i also like CLING FREE brand-"powder fresh scent "sheets
(they are not that weird blue foam sheet anymore)
they have a nice fresh sunny laundry smell and are not overpowering. i use half a sheet sometimes.

bounce dryer sheets also work great and softness lasts long.
if you like ALOT of scent -try GAIN scented bounce dryer sheets.
but they also give me a headache (too perfumey)

snuggle liquid works good-so do the sheets-but seem less concentrated compared to Downy

also- i have tried Walmart dryer sheets-seem okay-but seemed less concentrated -but were a little less $. their liquid softner looked watered down compared to others.

also tried liquid Kroger brand fab softener-worked as well as downy-and wonderful scents-i do wonder if it might be the same????

i also tried XTRA once-both the liquid laundry soap and the liquid fabric sortener were horrible- less suds and seemed very watered down-and very little softening!!

one important trick i learned- on the XTRA liquid fabric softener and even downy liquid softener-you really have to watch if it states the USES PER BOTTLE or JUST THE OUNCES PER BOTTLE.
some stores will carry one or both-tricking consumers into thinking you are getting more than you are. i noticed this at Family Dollar , Dollar General, and at some grocery stores. if you check the front of the bottle and the back - if it doesnt state the amount of uses per bottle or states use 1 ounce per load -be careful-you can be getting the less concentrated old version and paying more per use.!!!!!! that XTRA brand for example-doesnt compare to the same size bottle of other brands sitting on the shelf the same size-it is more water and can cost MORE than the national brands-yeesh!!!!! it really stinks how sometimes stores try to trick us consumers into thinking we are getting a good deal by being deceptive like that .
the same goes with bulk buying- sometimes it costs more than single packs regular priced-just depends on each stores prices-and alot of the times- i can save alot with buying single items on sale with coupons for each.

i really suggest try the KROGER brand liquid fab softener -it costs me $2.50 for 40 use bottle and works great.

or if trying to be really frugal-straight white vineger works in place of liquid fab softener in the washer - just add in last rinse cycle or add in the fab soft cup. works pretty well and the vinegar smell goes away-just leaving soft clean smelling clothes.
hope this helps.
sincerely-sheila ann anderson
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