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we are paying cash as we go also...but I'm the type that wants to start getting supplies stocked up so then in a weekend or so I can makeover the room...I can wait b4 hand while getting ssupplies....not after lol my hubby said i want everything RIGHT NOW...that's not the case I jsut don't wnat to start again and then have to stop, i.e. the laundry room thing.

We've got an IKEA nearby so I was thinking of using that plank laminate type wood flooring...we couldn't afford real wood floors and I won't waste that money on THIS's actually a double wide mobile home...I told john after he said it will cost alot to fix up...demolish and bring a new mobile home on the site. I won't build a brick home here due to the neighbors houses look like crap and my house would then be worth zilch... so that's why I only want to make it nice enough that i like it here while waiting and nice enough to rent or sell...we will probably rent this out instead of selling...

I thought of painting our room gray or white walls, the wood furniture black to remind me less of the ex and then have black and white linens on the bed with our monogram in the middle of it...padded headboard with fabric draping down from ceiling with some kind of cornice type thing which would match window cornices...then color would be splashes of red here and there...idk...i still like my arabian nights theme room but that was a no go...probably too much stimulation for him LOL

Thansk for the great ideas...excuse the typing errors I have two kids screaming at the back of my head for the past 2 hours and Im trying to do some work for my husband...*sigh*

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