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Chris, I know what you mean about professionals telling you you are just a parent. When my 3rd child was born, I told the dr that there was something wrong with her back...I was told I had guilt feelings and was somehow manifesting its with my dd because she was premature!!!

Well, when she was about 4 she started having trouble with her legs, hurting etc. She was put in a leg cast, which alleviated the pain. when it was off, it hurt...diagnosisl...all in her head. Two years later, WE discovered she had severe congenital scoliosis!! Even the Pedi didn't believe us. The ortho surg. said he NEVER would have guessed it was as bad as it was. So much for MY paranoia!

With my older 2 dd, I recognized weird behavoir that was comparable to my late husband's behavior. But I didn't have a name for it. A school where we were living said she had a hard time learning and that she was a jealous child and was angry...why? They didn't know!!!! Now we know that she had prob. adhd and bipolar.

Same thing with this child, I was told I was comparing children, overprotective, etc. I demanded help and evaluations when she was in K. Thank God that I didn't take no for an answer. I feel that the sooner that you get help for a kid the better. And certainly know what you are dealing with!!!

Take care sisters.
Not a native Texan, but I got here as soon as I could!:-)
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