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I always eat breakfast as soon as I get up. Lately been having homemade fozen pancakes. My Dh makes about 25 nice size pancakes with whole wheat and oat bran in the batter. We freeze them up and heat in the microwave for a minute. They are so filling holds me for a few hours especially if I eat two. Love to put tupelo honey instead of syrup. It is sweeter than regular honey but better to digest. Been squeezing my own oranges from my tree. Cannot eat grapefruits since I am on Zocor for cholesterol. I do have a large Ruby Red Grapefruit tree that is loaded with fruit. Bring them to the Club House for everyone to enjoy. The price of grapefruits are so high hate to see them go to waste.
The temperatures here are a little cooler now in the morning so I like something hot. Still a few red roses growing on the side of the house looks so pretty.
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