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There are all kinds of headaches, and many different causes. Migraines are one class of headache that is usually thought to be vascular in origin. The cause of these headaches is is not clear, but they are pretty classic in their presentation. But then there are headaches that are called a-typical migraines too...

Classic migraines are usually one-sided, and are accompanied by other symptoms like light sensitivity, nausea, or tearing of the eye on the affected side. Classic migraines are also usually preceeded by an aura of some kind; usually a visual aura, but not always.

Then there are what are called thunderclap migraines, and basilar migraines and all kinds of other a-typical migraines. They are all usually vascular in origin, (rather than tension type headaches. I think that's the hallmark difference.)

I would recommend you see a neurologist for an evaluation of your headaches. Some neurologists are also sub-specialists as "headache specialists". It's better to get a neuro-evaluation and then get some specific treatment for the type of headache that plagues you specifically. Don't try to second guess it, or try to find a diagnosis here on these pages.

I know doctors have told me that a complaint of headache is one of the most complex presentations they get.

Best of luck to you in getting some relief!
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