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That sounds like a good idea Janet...well they both are! lol BUT hubby says that he's not gonna waste more money to paint again...geesh it was 1 gallon of paint he said to pick more carefully next time. So he's given me a new dilemma...

He bought the house with the ex, they didnt do anything to it, she was hardly here. So a blank slate like I said but he bought some furniture and I didnt have squat! We still have the same stuff but have added the twin beds/daybeds in the girls' rooms, a friend gave a set of bdr furniture to one child and my mom sent one of my brother's old teen furniture (I figured I paint it) for the other...then this year mom decided to buy new stuff for my brother's rooms at home and she called and said come get your furniture---she wanted to give me a set of bdr stuff (king size bed also) but john didn't want it at that time so she gave the stuff to my gramma, it will be mine later on eventually. I had given/sold my bdr furniture from the ex/my marriage bc I needed the money to feed the girls then. Anyways she said come get it that she wasn't going to give the bed to gramma just the dressers, etc. So we picked up a king bed---we'd been sleeping on a double. And she gave me the dressers/queenbed back...and I guess he thought I had crap furniture bc when we got it he said this is really nice stuff...I said yea after 10 yrs of marraige it was the only thing that was really NICE. So I've got the big bed and the dressers from a diff set. I've got to make a headboard tho...the queen bed I was thinking of putting in one child's room witht he baby bed and making the two older ones share...then baby's room would also be guest room so the nursery can't be too "nursery"

lol I'm getting to the dilemma! Say I do the bdrs decorated per person that's no biggie but I'd like same carpet thru out the house so I was thinking a beigey type-resale value higher- but the main part of the house is a like a circle of rooms...Lvrm touches office and dining; office touches kitchen and lvrm, kitchen touches office and dining; and dining touches kitchen and lvrm...make sense? I hope so.....SO the problem...I've got to coordinate one room to the next but I'd like SOME contrast. So picking colors is a pain in the he HATES brown -dark wood and I love dark wood furniture and not the laminate stuff-he only likes blond we can't agree on flooring if we did wood floors. I suggested do pull a C. Lowe and stripe the floors light-dark wood and he said that would look stupid....I said no it wouldn't bc it doesn't in the showcase house lol...

sorry that was long...had to vent also...I'm about to paint the whole house taupe with beige carpeting and screw would make for renting/selling easier but I've STILL gotta live here for 3-4 yrs ! UGH!

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