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So it's possible to fill in the lines! I didn't in the laundry room and I don't know what my problem was then I painted it Martha's 'vintage green' and now I hate it! I suppose if I had continued to decorate the room I'd like it more so I'm looking for an idea to tone the color down as well in there. maybe ragging over it? idk.

I have a piece of panel lose from a wall and it wasn't glued but the outside walls may have been as there would be insulation involved there. I will check into that wallpaper liner stuff for sure. We did consider painting one child's room yellow, adding real picket fence all around the bottom and stenciling in flowers, bees and such. Garden theme as we'd also use fence posts for making a bed frame-possible bird house on top of those also (but that may change depending on who shares a room with the baby) For the other girl she wants a princess room so my idea was to paint her room pink (her fave) and then stencil crowns, roses or diamonds on the wall various places and then make the bed a canopy top with a crown. Hubby didn't like that idea and bought her a daybed with a canopy attached but it didn't fit in the room-low ceilings-but we'd like to get the bifold closet doors and paint a castle mural on them carried onto the wall...
I like the 'tuscany' look, always have, so texture will be important on the walls in the kitchen and some stenciling for grapes etc. So I'm glad to know the stucco thing would work.

Thanks for the tips on it and it will be a bit till I actually paint but at least I can start pricing my needs...

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