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To answer you Coll yes I do get paid for my daycare kids but it's not enough money for him. I can't get him to understand that if I get a job that by the time I pay a babysitter I would be making less than what I do now.

And to answer you LJsmom no I don't get to do any activities like bowling. I said I wanted to but he wasn't to fond of the idea because I do have a Tuesday night Bible study group but that only last an hour and a half. So I think he considereds that my night out for myself. I just let it go because I don't want him to pawn our boys off on just anybody when he want to do something there is only certain family members that are allowed to watch them. That's why when I go to my bible study if he is not going to be home I am the one who makes arrangements for a sitter.

Well I gotta go for now I have 4 pumpkin pies to make for the church for tommorrow.

You all have a great Thanksgiving!

Speaking of Thanksgiving despite all the moaning and complaining I do about my dh at least he is not sitting at the bar or with other women every night. I am thankful for that.

God Bless
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