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yummy marinade

We were going to fry our turkey but my baby dh was whining about it being too cold. wah wah 30-35 degrees is nothing
Sooo I was asking around how to season the bird since its been quite a few years since I had to cook one.
The obvious choice was my bro who is a chef. This is what they used to do-also works with chickens.

Roughly chop 10# of onions and mix with 2-3 tbls. of salt. Let sit for a few mins to start drawing out the moisture. Clean the bird of course then completely cover it (breast down) with the onion mix. Can use a big bowl or roasting pan whatever is handy. Pour 1-2 cups apple juice over everthing. Cover with plastic wrap and marinade in the fridge about 12 hours.
In the morning discard onion marinade and cook as you normally would. VOILA yummy, moist and great flavor.

Thats the plan. And only if the family chips in and helps clean the rest of the house first.
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