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You go girl !

Wow Tammy , I think you said what each of us feels alot of the time.
Thats awful nice of your dh to go out that much socializing during the week...(note the sarcasm). Do you get equal time to go out?

Do we ever get a day off (grumble grumble)? I know my dh likes to rest on the couch during football sundays. If I did that even once the house would fall down around us.
My dh goes to LV every other Super Bowl with the guys. Thats his solo vacation. He always says I can go have one too with my gf's. No problem, but all the girls are in the same situation as me; not one of us can get away at the same time as the rest. Day off? I'm not sure I know what it is. Although I "try" to have some alone time so I can read after dinner. Usually only lasts a few minutes before someone finds me.
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