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Question What to do with PANELING????

Ok...this is my first thread starter!

I moved into this house, my husband's with his first wife but they never did any improving. I've got a blank slate...but unfortunately it's PANELING! I don't mean NICE real wood stuff either the cheap cheesy dark brown kind. Eck!

Hubby and I don't have same 'style' for decor and everything I suggest he just says 'that won't look good'. grrr... I've thought of painting it and have done just the laundry room that way. I'd like to know more suggestions.

I like wallpaper and want to know what I'd have to do to be able to do some papering on the paneling or is that impossible? I've thought of using joint compound in the cracks and smoothing it out, priming, then painting too so it would look like a normal sheetrock wall. I've thought of texturing the paneling...using the same joint compound stuff and smear it all over the entire area and then painting. Will any of this work? I'm trying to stick to a budget but I may lose my mind having to look at all this crap much longer! *venting*

Likes: I don't mind color, I like ecletic style vs his comtemporary only...I think i've gotten through to him on this tho..I'm the one here most of the time and if I'm not happy with my surroundings then I won't be happy with him! lol

Any suggestion will be appreciated...and yes, I do watch Christopher, HGTV and Trading Spaces...

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