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Oh my I could go on about this subject for a long time because my hubby and I argue about this all the time. Well he argues about it I don't usually say anything I just consider the source.
He has also said that he could stay home and do what I do which is a joke. If I leave him home for one day sometimes not even a full day my house looks like a tornado went through it. He is always on me to get a job. I just keep telling him when he can find the time for me to get a job let me know and I will do it.
He hasn't found time yet I think it is because there isn't any. I have 6yr old twin boys, I have a daycare in my home where I have 2 yr old twin girls, a 2 yr girl a 3yr old boy plus one of my boys home everyday. Plus I do my regular household duties(dishes, laundry, cleaning the house) I also have to do the outside chores to ( mowing grass, raking leaves, doing the gardening,shoveling snow etc.). So see he will never find time for me to get a job. Besides if I get a job that will cut into his freetime because he would have to watch the boys while I work.
And he can't do that because in the winter he bowls 2 nights a week and in the summer he golfs 2 or 3 nights a week. So really he doesn't have time for me to get a job either but for different reasons.

But anyway there may be a $ amount on the work we do but there is no $ amount high enough for what it does for our kids when we are at home.

Well I am done venting now sorry if I vented to much but I get so aggravated when someone (especially my husband) tries to judge what I do without walking in my shoes.

God Bless

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