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Several years ago a friend of ours got a divorce. Wife left him with the 3 kids. 2 boys & a girl. He had a hight paying job but long hrs. He didn't have a clue as what to do. Had problems getting sitters, didn't know how to cook, manage work & kids & etc. He finally had to quit the good paying job because of long hrs. He ask me one day " how in the world do you women do it all ?' Said he had no idea what all we did. He did learn how to do it & I was proud of him. That's what needs to happen to some men. Not devorce their wives but to have to either be a working mom & do all the rest or at least have to stay home & do all she does. Thank heavens all men aren't like that & knows what all a wife has to do & with no paycheck of her own. When a wife & mom works out she has 2 full time jobs.
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