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Pinkie Winky SAHM!!!!

BOY THIS ONE IS GOOD!!!!!!!!!!! and we are PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!
they couldnt pay us enough!!!!!!!!
I am curious to see the anwers!!!
and I DONT look in the sock OR underwear drawer either!!!! am I suppose to be a mind reader??? OH I just sit and eat bon bons too!!!! what exactlly are they anyways LOLOL!!!??? my hubby will pull that one too!!!!!!!!!!! sometimes I think he means it!!!!! you must make lunches that one you can add!!! making sure there is enough this and that in the house!!!! {milk,bread,etc!!}
right now I am watching my cousins 4 mo.old soooo even less time it seems!!!!!

have a good one girls...keep up the good work sahms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
your friend from NJ
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