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HI ! When I was growing up , we always got to open a gift ( always pj's ) on Christmas eve. When my children were young , we did n't have moeny for extras , so we didn't do that. Now, we exchange small gifts from each other--- the kids--on CHristmas eve. It's fun to watch them and they love to give each othere something special. It used to be dollar gifts ,b ut as they have gotten older and make money , they think throughout the year and buy gifts during the year.
Another thing that I started years ago, was making muffins for breakfast. Every year, we make lots of muffins and that is what we have for breakfast. I didn't know how important that was until last year. My youngest, now 11, said, mom WE HAVE TO HAVE MUFFINS! LOL, they are good!
We always have dinner at my mom's and I love going there. I wonder if I will start making dinner here when my kids move out???
So, you see, even things like muffins can be a tradition!
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