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I am very surprised to have found this thread today, of all days. Last night, DH and I were watching "Desperate Housewives". The situation with Brie and her hubby divorcing struck a cord with DH. When she did not allow the kids in the house without adhearing to her rules, DH said "Oh she can't do that, it's not her house!". I was shocked. After I questioned him (in a half joking manner), he said that the dad is the one who technically owns the house. As brie is a stay at home mom, I believe that she would be entitled to 1/2 the house. He got all huffy about it and I finally had to end the conversation with "well thank GOD it is on TV and isn't a true story!" (yes, it was sarcastic). DH and I are fine, there are no problems in our marriage, but I was really hurt by his comments on that situation. I know in my heart that I am worth more than NOTHING! I have been a SAHM for 8 years. I am not the perfect maid, but I still can hold my own as to minor household problems as well!

There....I feel better too!!

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