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Paintingnut - what a terrible tragedy. Will keep the families i my prayers.

We did not do anything frugal today. After church the kids and I went to a "Festival of Trees and Lights". It is a benefit for the local children's hospital. It was our first year of attending and cost $3.00 each to get in. Different individuals and groups make stockings, wreaths and trees that are then sold to raise funds. The trees ranged from 2 ft to 7 ft. A lot were beautiful while a few were passable. Today was Scout Sunday so the girl and boy scouts got a patch (they let the leaders have one too ) This afternoon they also marked down the items that had not sold. I was tempted on one tree but did not buy. Some of the ones that I would have were already sold. I did buy 3 stockings for gifts that totaled $9.00.
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