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Well I didn't do a whole lot today. I tried to stay warm, it's very cold here this year. Usually it's still warm right about now. I rented Shrek 2 and my daughter must have thought I was nuts. Sitting there and laughing at it. But it was funny. I love Eddie Murphy, I can always visualize him as Gumby. He just cracks me up.

While I was doing that I clipped coupons for the American Legion Aux. group, they send them overseas. Then I gathered up some Avon Bug Guard to take out there too.

DH is out elk hunting not sure if he'll be coming home tonight or tomorrow I'm thinking tomorrow. They just haven't been having much luck this year.

Got my turkey out in the sink thawing also have a apple pie on the counter thawing to cook later tonight.

Hope everyone had a good week-end. I know leasmom did! Awesome deals Patrice.