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I have to give the BIGGEST thank you to my Secret Sister (whomever and wherever she is)...

I have had a pretty awful week... emotionally draining and spiritually exhausting. I hadn't signed onto my SS e-mail accoount ..and just tonight spent a solid hour crying in my car... before getting a grip and getting my act together enough to come in the house...

I decided to log in to the account before bed and see if there was any mail..and low and behold, there were 10 E-mails from my sending SS. All this week she has been keeping up with the sweetest, most friendly and uplifting e-cards, reminding me that someone was thinking something good about me, while I was being the hardest on myself. Things work in mysterious ways...

So thank you Secret Sister for being there for me every day this week, even when I didn't realize you were! (How did you know I was needing you?)

Now the next question is who are you? .. if you're not Canadian, and the weather is Springlike by you.. and there are doggies on your stationary.. well those are interesting tidbits... but I need more to go on! lolol...


PS you wouldn't be a Texan by any cance would you?
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