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Our traditions

I am a Mother of two adult children, one who now has her own family with 2 young ones. I am a believer of family traditions and amazed by my girls both still wanting to continue what we hav always done.
However I also told them they need to establish their own family traditions also.
My girls are now 31 & 27, but when they were young we mad it a tradition to participate in a local program where you adopt a family or at least some children and but for them.
It helped the girls understand how good it feels to give and NOT expect anything in return. They always had a great time shopping for their "child". We would know the sex and age of the children but not who they were so there would be no embarassment as we live in a small community and it could be someone they go to school with.
We still continue this now and my grandchildren are doing the buying. So they know how good it feels to give and learn that you don't always need to receive.
You can also find a domestic violence shelter and prepare packages for them. Since women and children show up at those places with nothing but the clothes on their backs the shelter needs to keep many things on hand. Personal items and a few small toys are always good, especially a stuffed animal to hug.
We also have always had an Advent candle ring on our table and each Sunday in Advent (which begins Sunday, Nov 28 for us) we take turns doing a reading and lighting the candle for the four Sundays prior to Christmas. This is a good reminder of what the season is all about and a good way to ensure some quiet time with the family each week.
Those are a few of our traditions I hope one of them has apealed to you.
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