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redcardinalbird I like your little bird too, didn't notice it until Linda Lou mention it....

I didn't know you were a pastor? Interesting! I wish you the best... and I hope the move for the kids will not be to bad... I truly believe there are reasons and seasons for things.. I hope all will work according to the Plans GOD has for you and your family.

yesterday and today been wet and chilly....

my grandbabies been over at their step grandma and other papa house but on thier way over here. it been almost 2 yrs maybe 3... whatever, it been way to long since I've seen those little stinkers... so I'm looking forward to seeing them... not sure how long they be here, but at least I get my nana hug... and I can give one back to them ....

well I better get going... take care and have a great week..


Autumn I do hope you had a great birthday yesterday.

this week birthdays will be:

Wildflower ---on the 18th

Lorrieee -- on the 21st which will be Sunday starting out the following week.

Anniversarys will be:



interesting dates that you might not know about
18th Bible Week
21st World Hello Day
23rd Welcome Day

to all of our birthdays and anniversary....
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