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What salary is a SAHM worth?

I seem to have read something years ago that basically stated: if you added up all the things a SAHM mom did and gave her a salary it would be well over 6 figures.
Lets think about this...

personal chef for 3 meals a day
book keeper
daycare worker
psychologist (psychiatrist?)
tour guide
taxi driver

The list goes on, what have I forgotten?

I'd like to come up with an actual salary range, show it to dh and smack him in the thick head with it !!!
He seems to think I sit on the couch and eat bon bons all day. This argument comes up occasionally. Today it was because he didn't have clean socks. Sorry but I don't check HIS sock drawer on a regular basis. The time to let me know is the day before, not at 5am. Check the mis-matched sock basket DUH.
My house is not spotless, but I can certainly find what I need, the family is well fed, happy and bills paid on time. Thats more important to me than clean socks

Oh yes, while I'm eating my bon bons, I'm also taking care of a 13 and 4 y.o., volunteering at both their schools and church, coordinating all family schedules, own vending machines that I service, work freelance for a friend, decorate houses for the holidays and sell on ebay. Somewhere in there I cook and clean too.
*Whew* thanks, now I feel better.

So what salary do you all think we are worth in todays market?
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