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but the 2 deep rule is basically non exsistant in my den
see if you can get a den cheif as that would be a help to you and cover your 2 deep.. another way is if you have another den that has this same problem, then combine them for games, events, projects and then mark in thier book and work together as a team.

another way would meet in the same room but in two groups to keep their group apart.

Wolf and Bears can work together pretty well.

bear and 1st year webelos can too.

Thanksgiving skits...
when do you need them by? and how many are in the group?
I will look into my Pow wow books and see what I can come up with as soon as I hear from you on when it is how many boys you have.

Cub 'n Partner campout sounds like a fun and eventful campout.
how many went?
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