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I don't know if this would work on fabric softener stains. BUT....

Once my DH left a pen in his pocket and I missed it before putting the shirt in the washer. It did not burst in the washer.....but it made an awful mess in the dryer. I got that Clorox CleanUp in the spray bottle. I would spary a spot that was in the bottom of the dryer, let it sit for a few minutes and then wipe it off. It did take a little "elbow grease" along with the Clorox. After I cleaned one spot, I would turn the dryer tub so that another spot was on the bottom and start again. I eventually got them all cleaned off!

I would recommend that you wear a mask when doing this due to the clorox fumes...and turn on the vent fan if you have one where your dryer is located.

Hope this helps you out!
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