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HI everyone.

For now Iam just counting calories (1400 to 1500 daily) and exercising, well trying to exercise, We take the boys to the park and let them play while Dh and I walk for 30 minutes but since it has been over 100 degrees the last week it has been too hot so I really need to find another form of exercise we can do that will also occupy our young kids.

I have lost about 40 lbs and would like to lose another 80.

Dh is doing this with me (1800 cal daily) he has lost 80 and wants to lose another 100. It is truly great doing this together I dont know how women have the willpower to diet when they have to cook 'normal' meals for the rest of the heart goes out to you. But the problem is since he is a man he loses weight so much quicker and easier and it gets really depressing when I lose a pound and he calls from work to tell me he lost 7!!!

Do any of you diet/exercise with other members of your household?

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