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Well, I am so familiar with people not caring for their dogs... Ours live just as well (if not better) than we do!!! As I am typing, my husband and a friend has taken 5 of ours for their rabies shots- the vet has a night clinic fron 6-8 pm which is great for working folks!! We have nice kennels built. My husband built them with roofs and lighting. The hospital where he works were throwing away some overhead flourescent lights, so he mounted them on the underside of the roofs, after they said he could take them on home... It can however be expensive to feed. We use about four 50-lb bags a week, maybe a little less. The hunting dogs we keep on high protein feed as they exercise quite a bit during the regular season, not just during the hunting seasons. When I get my pics back of my son and our husky, I will try to figure how to post. They just became available today online, but the actual photos are not here yet. They are cute though I may need someones help to post, but I will do my best(the pictures), and see how far I get!
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