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My brother works in a post office. He said that as long as the card is no larger than 4" X 6" you can send it as a post card. He has sent me a plastic coke bottle with things inside it for one of my birthdays. The top had a free coke on it. It had a note and some sparkles inside it. I have never opened it. He has also sent me a ziplock bag that had a note and sparkles in it and the ziplock had tape across it to insure it did not open. I have not opened it either. This past year he sent me a little tiny note. When I asked him about it he laughed because I couldn't figure it out. He had sent a note to the postmaster here in town asking for them to send the note on to my house. I was no bigger than the stamp. He had written on it something like "Love from G"with my name and address. Come to find out it was suppose to be "just a little note". I still laugh when I think of that.
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