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REAL!!! The only way to go. We've done both -cut our own and bought off a lot. Kind've depends on how deep the snow is and the age my kids were. Cutting down a tree by yourself with two little ones was a bit much. Last year I finally gave up and waited in the car while my two boys found the "perfect" tree and cut it down. I thought it looked a bit large as we hoisted it onto the car roof and I was right, although the oldest (17 then) wouldn't admit it of course. It turned out to be 11 ft. and we have a 7 1/2 ft. ceiling! What a time we had getting it inside! Of course, it couldn't be trimmed off outside. LOL. We use the same ornaments every year, some from when I was little. Some gifts, and I get my boys each an ornament every year-some years that was almost all they got . We pack theirs away separately and some day they can take them with them for their own first tree. May not be long now either as my oldest is a college freshman this year. We put it up a weekend or two before Christmas, depending on just when Christmas falls, and it comes down on Jan. 6.
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