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This is actually something I'm currently working on. I was on a budget years ago, but haven't had one for a long time. This month I am testing the waters.

I spent $300 at the grocery store a couple of weeks ago. Since then I have run out of a few things, and had to pick up milk, cereal, etc, so I have spent probably another $45-50 since then.

I have a family of 6, I count my laundry and cleaning supplies and all my lunch food in there. I make lunches for hubby and the two older kids, though the kids sometimes have hot lunch. And of course I have the two kids at home too. I do not count my pet food in there, but I do count cat litter and food for the outside stray cats.

I DID stock up on several cuts of meat that were on sale when I shopped, so it's kind of hard to tell yet. I think February will be a better month to judge what my budget will actually be, but I'm thinking, as long as I can stay stockled up on meat and only buy it on sale, that I will be able to keep the grocery bill at around $300 per month.
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