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I stopped taking it only because I forget. When I do take it it takes only about 24 hours and I can feel the effects. More enery and not so sleepy. If I take it in the morning it doesnt bother me at night. I have trouble sleeping through the night. I wish I would just get up and stay up but I will wonder around for an hour or so or just toss and turn then finally fall asleep again. This is only when I take it. I also take a B-12 for the ballbaby blues taht I get. I have no reason to be sad I just get that way. then I get lazy.
To leave the sugar out of my diet is the hardest thing I go through. Something about it. but I have noticed the last couple of times that I have binged on surgar I get a bladder infection that last for about 3 days. I wish that on no one.

by the way it is so nice to have someone to talk to and discuss thing with. I have a very loving husband and 4 GREAT daughters but sometimes you just need to have a outside person.

Oh for you low carbies: Try Salsa on your salad instead of dressing. Check the difference in calories and carbs with your favorite dressing.

Have a great day and talk later
love ya all!