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Hi Sally, I think I was the one who wrote about taking Chromium Picolinate ( I spelled it wrong when I first mentioned it). When I first started this WOL, I was looking into what kinds of vitamins and minerals that would help in the process.....I came across some info. on Chromium Picolinate on a vitamin website---but I cant say which one because I didnt save it.

I have a very low metabolism and this product peaked my interest because it claims to: " Chromium works to support your body's use of sugar and also plays a role in the metabolism of proteins and fats"

I cant say whether it really works or not due to the fact that I followed the Atkins plan strictly at the same time. I stopped taking it for a while but have since started taking it again, hoping that I, too, will get off of my plateau. I cant complain though because the last couple of weeks have been filled with stress eating.

I am determined to get myself out of this rut, stop the self-pity party and get back on track. I can see what a difference it really makes by NOT eating white flour, processed foods and SUGAR!
Believe me, I felt so much better by sticking to completely low-carb food.

Are you still taking Chromium?

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