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One that you might play is 20 questions;

each lady can ask each lady 20 questions to see if she can guess who her ss is, and after everyone have done this or at the end of the night before revealing she has 3 chances to guess to see if she knows can get her SS or not thru playing this game


each girl makes up some clues and they can take thier turn in putting these clues out in a certain place while the others are in another room... then they give thier clue with thier SS name on the envelpe into a container, and the main Host calls that person name out and give them thier clues....

thru these clues they see if they can follow them by the directions and at the end they can discover who their ss is....

Above all just have lots of fun, and have a sheet ready to be filled out and put into a bucket where everyone can draw out a name to have new ss... enjoy yourselves...
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