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Help! Need Low Carb Crockpot recipes

I am a single mom that is also a college student and I just added a working mom to that. I will be getting dd up at 7 a.m. every morning and getting her off to school then getting myself ready for work from 9 to 3:30 and then going to class two days a week from 3:45/4:00 to 6:30/6:45 and then getting home about 6:15 two other nights and then on some Fridays I will get home at 3:30, and other Fridays I will be on the road driving to North Carolina to get my nieces and then to take them back on Sunday. NOt only this but I have two OTHER classes online which will take up my weekends-(meaning they are due on Sunday midnight), P.S. I will have to work 2 weekends on Saturday's. On top of that I may have inhome therapy for my ADHD/Bipolar daughter, so in other words...are lives are gonna be REALLY complicated from now on...

I am gonna buy a crockpot but I will need ideals of foods...I will have to take my lunch everyday as well, so I need ideals so I can have it for dinner and maybe even take it for lunch the next day!!!
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