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A fun game to play before the reveal would be to create a questionnaire with questions like-
What is (Mary's) favorite color?
Where was (Judy) born?
How many siblings does (Joan) have?
Another take on this one is to use statements like -
My favorite color is blue.________
I was born in August._________
I have at least two sons.___________
I am wearing socks that are a color other than black or white.
The second set of questions is sometimes more fun, because when you read off your answers, you sometimes find you have a lot in common with someone you don't know so well. Just pass the questionnaires out and let everyone mill around and get to know more about one another. This works well in a group of close friends or just acquaintances.

Another that we played at a Secret Angel reveal party -
Create 3X5 cards with names on them (using a theme like movie stars, music artists, cartoon characters, etc). Tape one to each person's back. Everyone walks around and asks 'yes' or 'no' questions about who they are until they figure it out.

Hope these help. Have fun!!
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