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I enjoyed hiking and camping soooooo much! We used to carry brown bag lunches on 1/2 day hikes - PBJs and spam sandwiches. I used to trade my PBJ for another spam sandwich! Loved 'em! Stale water from a canteen on my hip - tasty when you are hot and tired from a looooong hike!

Then there was Campfire Stew! In a big cast iron kettle, fry up 1 or 2 pieces of bacon. Brown a couple of chopped onions in the bacon drippings, Then add about 3 or 4 pound of ground beef and brown it, too. Dump in several cans of vegetable soup, let it simmer for an hour or so over a campfire, and there you go! Wonderful over bread toasted on a stick over the fire! followed by S'mores for dessert!

Another wonderful supper over the campfire: a hamburger patty, some sliced carrots, sliced potatoes and one slice of onion in an aluminum foil packet tossed into the fire and ignored for about 20 minutes. UUUUMMMM!

Singing around the fire after supper, bedding down on a rocky or rooty spot, working your way around the rocks and roots to finally get comfortable. And that deep sleep of the tired child outdoors. Wish I could capture that again, I can tell you!

Billboard Song

As I was walking down the street
A billboard met my eye
The advertisements written there
Would make you laugh and cry!
The wind and rain had come that day
And washed them half away
And what was left upon that sign
Would make that billboard say:

Come smoke a Coca-Cola!
Chew ketchup cigarettes
See Greta Garbo wrestle
With a box of oysterettes
Two pork and beans will meet tonight
In a finish fight
And FDR will lecture
On Ivory Soap tonight!

Bay rum is good for horses.
It is the best in town
Castoria cures the measles
Just pay a dollar down
Teeth extracted without pain
The price is half a dime
And overcoats are selling now
A little out of time.

"Chew Wrigley's for that headache,
Take Campbell's for that cough;
There's going to be a swimming meet
In the village watering trough.
Buy a case of ginger ale,
It makes the best of broth;
Shinola's sure to curl the hair
And not to take it off.

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