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Originally posted by Abear
My Mom always made my two sisters & I go to a week of
summer camp through our church.

I hated it! I was always miserable from the time I had to
write my name on my underwear until I was back home
and unpacked.

No, I am not joking! I did not have a single good memory
from summer camp!
Me too! I went to a church girls camp for 3 years, and hated every year. One year, our group got lost and the driver ran off the road, got stuck. Come to find out, we just missed the turn off because they put up a small sign that we didn't see. Trying to help the lady get back on the road, I broke my favorite bra strap. Then I think it was that year, I had to go on a long hike, and had to pack a back pack that was supposed to be shared with other girls from my area that were the same level as me. I was the only one that went, so I had to carry the heavy thing by myself, until some leader from another group realized that I was alone, so she helped. I don't remember anything good about camp, and to this day, my idea of camping is a nice motel room.
My girls have had fun at their campouts, which I'm glad. My son, unfortunately hasn't had too enjoyable time at camps, and I don't think I have told my kids about my experiences, just so that they wouldn't think they would have bad times too.
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