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Several things I forgot. That is part of the fibro symptoms, but not this time. I take Elavil at night to help me sleep. That is essential, because if you can't sleep, the pain seems worse, which aggravates you, which causes more pain, which causes less sleep. SEE! It is a vicious circle. Be sure to ask for help with your sleeping at night.
I have had massage, and if you make your masso-therapist aware that you have fibro, and where the worst pain points are, they should take caution in those areas. If they don't know much, and I can't imagine that in this day and age, educate them as much as possible. They should want to know.
Another therapy my pain specialist wanted me to try is water therapy with physical therapists. If you have insurance, that might help also. I couldn't arrange the time for that.
Plus, Europe seems to be on the cutting edge of this disease. Make sure your doctor is up to date. There are many web sites and publications on fibro now. Check a search engine and check your local library.