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I too, have fibro. It raised it's ugly head in 1990, after the birth of my two daughters and an extremely stressful time in my life.
I see a pain specialist. I have found that Ultram helps me the most. I know that when I excercise and stretch, I seem to feel better also. The release of all those endorfins. It is just finding the time and will power to do that. I also use a hot tub. Your doctor can prescribe that and it can be taken off your fed. taxes if you meet the deduction. Also, the herb SAM-E helps. Doctors in Europe prescribe this. It is very pricey in the U.S.
Researchers have discovered that Fibro is hereditary. I have two cousins that have been diagnosed with it also.
Watch the weather also. When it is to storm, and the barometer drops, watch out!!! Pain. That is when I use the hot tub the most.
Hang in there. There are lots of us out there!